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UBMS Throughout the Years

UBMS Throughout the Years
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A Look Back Through the Years....

What is UBMS

Upward Bound Math/Science (UBMS) is a program for potential first generation college students who meet the income guidelines set by the Department of Education. This program is funded by the Department of Education and provides the opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to experience college life by taking classes and cultural trips. Shawnee State has hosted the UBMS program since 1999 and continues to provide these opportunities for students today.

UBMS History at Shawnee
UBMS was established at Shawnee in 1999 under the direction of Ryan McCall. The first summer program was held the following summer. This program has just finished its sixth summer and we hope to continue on for many more. We now have 93 alumni, 4 people with an associates degree, and 6 with a bachelor's degree. Majors of our alumni range from Education to Criminal Justice, to Business administration and many many more. We are very proud of our alumni and we hope that you all keep up the good work! 
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